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This is not a canned blog post... Apparently, the beer can turns 80 this week. On January 24 in 1935 the first canned beer was sold in the good old US of A. This was a can of Krueger Cream Ale. The Drum has a nice piece about canned beers and selection of great 21st century craft beer can branding.

Here at Ales by Mail we are big fans of the craft beer can revolution. The cans look great. The beer tastes great. The beer can is safe and easy to transport to remote locations (like festivals). The sweet infographic below, from Beavertown, illustrates all that cans can do very nicely.

In honour of the 80th birthday of the beer can we’ve put all our Central Coast Brewing beers on special (save over 20%) and released The Best of British Cans (BBC) mixed case “birthday edition” – also 20% off. Also, keep an eye out for those massive Mission cans!

Beavertown Cans Beavertown Cans