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  • We sent one of our best beer blogger friends this year's Beer Advent Calendar, and boy is he happy. We will be pairing up with The Half Pint Gentleman during the month of December to go through each and every one of the beery gifts. In order to better prepare himself for the wonderful month to come, he has taken a look at 24 amazing beers inside the case. Here's what he had to say.

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  • This past weekend I (Casey, the marketing intern/elf) traveled to Munich to visit a good friend. I had 3 weekend goals. First, to eat some German sausages, second, to eat a pretzel, and third, to drink a TON of beer. I am happy to say I accomplished all of these three goals. I learned a lot this weekend about how different the German and British cultures are, especially when it comes to drinking. Here are five of the most important things that Germany can teach us about our favorite past time: drinking.

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  • Tiny Rebel Brewery Tiny Rebel Brewery

    Back in the summer, the beer gods shone down on the ABM team for a few days. We jumped on a sorta fast train heading west to Wales. It was sunny. Why? Climate change maybe or just a bit summer sun. Who knows. Who cares. The beer was gonna be epic! The bees were on the flowers. Oh yeah, we digress...

    We were heading to the Tiny Rebel Brewery, based in Newport, for a catch up and to talk all things beer, brewing, packaging, and drinking. Here's what we learned at one of our (and the UK's) favourite breweries. BTW - yeah this blog post is based on a trip from awhile back. But as a wise person once said: "better late than never."

    Here's what we learned -

    Q: How Big Is Tiny Rebel? brew house, yearly production, etc.?
    A: We’re running our production off a 12bbl kit that we’ve just maxed out by brewing 10 times a week consecutively to give us an annual production of 9446HL

    Q: What  new beers should we look out for in 2016?
    A: We’re launching a new West Coast inspired APA in to our core range for 2016 that we’re super excited about. It’s called Cali, comes in at 5.6% and is full of tropical goodness.

    Q: What Format of Beers Do You Produce?
    A: Tiny Rebel (TR) produce cask, keg and bottled beers.

    Q: Cans are a growing format in craft. Will TR be canning any beers in the near future?
    A: Not just yet.

    Q: What format is your largest seller? Cask or Keg?
    A: We’re still cask heavily….just. It’s the way we would always love to stay but to keep brewing and pushing new styles you have to switch package type because the majority of the time more styles are suited to keg rather then cask.

    Q: Looking Ahead to 2016, What New Stuff Can We Expect from Tiny Rebel?
    A: We have a new bar opening in Dec 2015 in our hometown of Newport. No less than 20 new beers covering cask, keg and bottle. And a huge focus on our latest project which will see us move to a larger bespoke brewery that will have its own full time bar and restaurant on site. We’re anticipating an opening date of mid 2017.

    Q: When You’re Not Drinking Tiny Rebel, What Beers Do You Like?
    A: All sorts. We go through phases with different styles rather than specific breweries, so one month might be IPA’s until we’re all hopped out and then we’ll move on to Belgian or sours.

    Q: What's your favourite local pub(s) in Wales? [BTW - the Urban Tap House in Cardiff is epic!!! Go there now.]
    A: The Urban Tap House in Cardiff, of course. But also pubs that do great food like the Gwaelod Y Garth, The Bunch of Grapes – these are pubs that we use to drag our wives to before launch TR just to get a decent pint that wasn’t Brains.

    Urban Tap House Urban Tap House

    Q: Can People Get Brewery Tours?
    A: We use to hold tours every month but we have to demolish our brewery bar and entertaining space to make way for new offices. It wasn’t an easy decision to make.

    Q: Are there any up coming events where Tiny Rebel will be popping up?
    A: We’re going to be hosting monthly Tap Takeovers at various pub/bars around the as well as featuring at the most of the UK and European beer festivals.

    Q: Who designs your logo and branding? [we're big fans by the way]
    A: I think we’re one of a small number of breweries that can boast that all of our branding is done in house by our awesome designer Taz. She’s awesome.

    Q: What's the story behind the bear in the logo?
    A: Newport is quite an urban and run down City so we wanted something that would represent that and so a graffiti mad streetwise bear ticked all the boxes.

    Congratulations to Tiny Rebel for winning Champion Beer of Britain 2015 at GBBF with CWTCH! Yeeeehaaaawwww!!! #awesome

    If need some Tiny Rebel beers or haven't had the pleasure of drinking them in your local - just go NOW to ABM to stock up. Cheers!

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  • Saturday, October 31st was the holiday that every child knows and loves: Halloween. For many parents, however, Halloween marks the time of the year when candy piles up, hides in cupboards, and whispers "eat me" for weeks to come. Well, do we have news for you. Halloween candy is officially all grown up. We've come up with several beer and candy pairings to convert halloween into an event that sophisticated adults can love. Sweets have turned into a classy food group, only meant to be consumed with the utmost beery thoughtfulness. Here is our roundup of sweet and beer pairings that will be sure to bring out the kid in you.


    Fizzy Straws & Sour Beer
    Sour beers are not for everyone, but when paired with fizzy straws, the combination is explosive. Really makes the overwhelming tartness of the beer more enjoyable, and brings out the sour flavour in the best way. A good way to start understanding this complicated beer variety. We tried it with Wild Beer Sourdough.

    naparbier-alien-claw (1)

    Twix & IPA
    Good IPA's are hoppy as hell. The caramel, crunch, and chocolate of a Twix makes the earthy, hoppiness of the beer go down even better than we could have imagined. We tried it with Naparbier's Alien Claw IPA.



    Snickers & Stout
    Stouts can be heavy and rich, and so can chocolate. But the peanut saltiness broke through the heavy beer & chocolate combo, making the pairing like a desert from heaven. We tried it with East London Quadrant Stout


    Starburst & Saison
    A good saison is perfectly fine on its own, so why bother with pairing it? Well, we found that adding Starbursts into the equasion really brought out flavors in the Saison that were harder to taste on its own. We tried it with Weird Beard Saison 14.


    Reese's & Porter
    Much like stouts, porters can be heavy. They can also be a desert in and of themselves. However, when paired with Reeses, we found that the sweetness of the beer paled in comparison to the sweetness of the Reese's, and allowed us to get through that desert flavor and into the more developed flavors of the beer. We tried it with Day of the Dead Porter.


    M&M's & Barrel Aged Beer
    Last, but not least, we paired a barrel aged beer with M&M's. Barrel aged beers can be very strong, and aging allows them to develop these strong flavors even further. When adding M&M's to the barrel aged beer, the smokey, woody flavors because more palateable and made the beer easier to drink and appreciate. We tried it with Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout.

    Beer: http://www.alesbymail.co.uk/pick-n-mix-beer/day-of-the-dead-porter

    Halloween is our new favorite holiday. Well, until Christmas season approaches and we crack open the Advent calendar...

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