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  • We will be holding our next #beerybits Twitter tasting on Wednesday the 28th of October 8pm-9pm. This month we will be tasting American craft beers: Barley Forge Brewing The Orange Curtain IPA, Left Coast Una Mas Amber Lager, and Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale.


    Be on the lookout for contests and free beer prizes. It should be a great night full of lively discussion as anyone who took part in our last one, with Freedom Brewery will agree!

    To help keep score, we'll supply you with a beer tasting card so you can rate the beers as you drink.

    The beers that we will be tasting are:

    Barley Forge: The Orange Curtain IPA- 6.2% Focusing on “old school” hop flavor over hop bitterness, this IPA features Warrior, Centennial and Cascade hops against a nicely rounded malt backbone that provides a medium bodied accompaniment. This combination has citrus notes worth of the name, which is a nickname for Orange County, California where the brewery is located. This beer pairs well with spicy Thai or Vietnamese food, burgers, or oily, full-flavored fish such as salmon.
    Left Coast: Una Mas Amber Lager- 5.8% This dark copper lager is light in body and bursting with flavor. Styled after the popular amber lagers south of the border, Una Mas is the perfect easy drinking brew. Small amounts of dark roasted malts add rich color without making it thick or chewy. Munich malt adds a rich, toasty finish to the beer. Una Mas will leave you wanting one more.

    Brooklyn Brewery: Post Road Pumpkin Ale- 5% Genuine Pumpkin Ale. Hundreds of pounds of pumpkins are blended into the mash of each batch, creating a beer with an orange amber color, warm pumpkin aroma, biscuity malt center, and crisp finish.

    You can buy this pack here.

    About The Breweries:

    Barley Forge Brewing Company brews Belgian, West Coast and German-style beers – a blend of traditional, recognized styles and creative twists that draw from the melting pot of cuisines and cultures in Southern California. They are honored to be Costa Mesa’s first-ever production brewery, and intend to do their best to make the City proud.

    Left Coast Brewing Company is an independent brewery, landing draft accounts, and limited bottle accounts, in venues throughout the US. They began operations in a 5000 square foot warehouse in January of 2004. In their first year we produced just over 3500 barrels of beer. This is equal to approximately 7000 kegs of beer. They produce six beers full time with our flagship beer being Hop Juice Double IPA.

    Like their namesake borough, the Brooklyn Brewery is made up of a rich collection of characters from all over the world. In their Williamsburg home, these characters are dedicated to brewing and selling great beer and enriching the communities they serve. Together, these Brooklyners have assembled the skills needed to transform a home brewing hobby into an independent brewery with a brand that has become an international beacon for good beer.

    Co-host to be confirmed!

    How to join in

    We've bundled these two beers up into a special Twitter Tasting Twin Pack which gives you both beers at a reduced price plus a great Freedom pint glass.

    Add anything else you want to the order of course, you can add another 21 bottles for the same shipping price! You will need to get your order in good time to ensure we can get it out to you before the event.

    On the night simply tweet using the #beerybits hashtag.  If for some reason you are not showing up in the discussion do check that your account is not protected.

    We look forward to seeing you then!

  • US Tap Attack

    No flying dogs, no stones and "no sleep till Brooklyn", well actually make that Bermondsey! The Ales by Mail crew have just returned from a sortie in the deepest wilds of California. And are super excited about our latest exclusive arrival of US west coast beers. It’s more than a shed load or two.

    To help celebrate we’ve teamed up with our partners at UBREW for a US Tap Attack this Saturday, 10th of October from 11am-7pm. If you can’t FORGE your way to joining us this Saturday, most of these beers are on sale right now via our web shop RIGHT HERE! Go quick while supplies last - stocks are limited.

    All the taps will have fresh kegs of NEW west coast US beers on all weekend. Some of these beers have never been on tap in the UK before. Be the first of your friends or enemies to get to try these tasty brews. Plus the fridge will be rammed full of new beers from California – cans, 355ml bottles and few select US hop bombs (600-750ml monster bottles) !

    Here’s the full list of what’s on tap at UBREW:


     ABV %

    Barley Forge Brewing, Costa Mesa, CA The Orange Curtain IPA


    Barley Forge Brewing, Costa Mesa, CA Don Perfecto Horchata Witbier


    Lost Coast, Eureka, CA Alley Cat Amber


    Lost Coast, Eureka, CA Eight Ball Stout (RateBeer 98!)


    Lost Coast, Eureka, CA Indica IPA (RateBeer 97!)


    Twisted Manzanita, San Diego, CA Iron Mountain


    Twisted Manzanita, San Diego, CA Prospect Pale *


    * Note 1: Prospect Pale Ale is completely underrated. This beer is super fresh, hoppy and 100% easy to quaff. You’ll be ready for a hike in the desert hills or at least ready for the Tube ride home. If you don’t believe us, then don’t drink it #crazyelf will be more than happy to buy it all for himself and his homies.

    Twisted Manzanita Ales Prospect Pale Ale

    And here's what will be in the fridge... plus some super crazy BIG US Bombers (not listed - surprise attack!):

    In The Fridge: Brewery Beer

    ABV %

    Barley Forge Brewing Grandpa Tractor Dortmundo style export lager


    Barley Forge Brewing Don Perfecto Horchata Witbier


    Barley Forge Brewing The Patsy Coconut Rye Stout


    Barley Forge Brewing The Orange Curtain IPA


    Lost Coast Alley Cat Amber Ale


    Lost Coast Downtown Brown


    Lost Coast Indica IPA


    Lost Coast Eight Ball Stout


    Lost Coast Sharkinator White IPA **


    Left Coast, San Clemente, CA Trestles IPA (RateBeer 94!)


    Left Coast, San Clemente, CA Una Mas Amber Lager


    Left Coast, San Clemente, CA Del Mar Street Dortmunder Export Lager


    Twisted Manzanita Iron Mountain IPA (cans)


    Twisted Manzanita Prospect Pale (cans)


    Twisted Manzanita Riverwalk Blonde Ale (cans)


    Twisted Manzanita Rustic Red (cans)


    ** Note 2: If you found the movie Jaws scary then you’ll want to make sure to avoid the Sharkinator WIPA.

    Lost Coast Sharkinator

    Don’t get LOST, just take a LEFT out of the Bermondsey tube and head to Old Jamaica Rod. Just in case you get TWISTED ‘round here’s a map to UBREW. The Tap Attack commences at 1100 Hours this Saturday. Camouflage clothing optional. Cheers!

    Lost Coast Sharkinator

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    New for Autumn

    The cold weather is here, and much to our delight, it brings with it some amazing new beers for autumn. Here's a roundup of everything we've just got in, why you'll love it, and where you can pick it up! Continue reading

  • Yesterday I experienced what could be the future of alcohol consumption, or a social experiment about the placebo effect of drinking; a breathable cocktail bar at a new spot in London called Alcoholic Architecture. As you walk up to the entrance behind Borough Market, a cloaked matratdee leads you down the steps into the basement bar.


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  • On September 8th, the ABM Elves gathered themselves and headed to London to brew our very own beer - down at UBREW (a radically open brewery). We settled on a recipe that would make us a nice English IPA, using both semi-wild freshly picked green hops (some from Crazy Elf’s hideout and some from a pub garden in Essex - maybe we’ll write about the picking experience another time, or maybe not), and professional grade dried hops (both of which smelled heavenly). Here are some of the key learnings that we took away from our brewing experience.

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  • So, on a random late summer day our MD and founder was ... standing in the kitchen, chatting about the popularity of Citra (as in hops) and how, as a result of it being in short supply, Mosaic is becoming more and more popular. Helen, one of our elves was saying how she'd enjoyed a great beer brewed using Mosaic at the Witham Beer festival over the bank holiday weekend. Continue reading

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