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  • On 9th October 2009 we officially launched Ales By Mail onto the unsuspecting beer-buying public. On the same day I appeared in the Financial Times in an interview about how I'd come to start a mail order beer website. Every day since then, it's been a pleasure to work in the beer world. I've not stopped learning about beer over the last 5 years - I doubt that will change any time soon.

    To all our customers over the last 5 years, a massive thank you for your support and for joining us on this journey.

    The first version of our website, held together with the electronic equivalent of double-sided sticky tape and Blu-Tack, was a far cry from the place you're visiting today. We launched our new site yesterday and the reception from customers and suppliers has been very positive. However, in a lot of ways, the site is the jumping-off point for the next evolution of Ales By Mail.

    Join us over the next few months as we continue to grow the new website's functionality - features to help you decide what beer to sample, extra payment and shipping options, links to other beer resources and the chance to leave your own reviews of the beers we sell.

    One major ambition we have for the site, over coming months, is to be in a position to increase the quality of the information about what is available to buy - as close to the advice you'd get from a beer expert face to face as we can get. Our team is working to bring that to you as soon as possible.

    Now, crack one open and join us in celebrating our 5th birthday - and to mark the occasion, use the code birthday to get 10% off your order, until midnight Friday!

    Paul Kruzycki, Managing Director


  • For some time now we’ve been working away in the background building our new website, but new beers keep coming to market and we’ve been crazy busy working with brewers to deliver their beer, as well as developing the latest additions to the Discworld Ales range – all of that kinda kept getting in the way.

    However, now, finally, we’re up and running!

    This new site delivers beer lovers with more functionality, more features, a cleaner design and most importantly, easy access to a wide range of beer. You can now quickly browse beers by brewery (with our new Brewery specific pages) and we’ve increased our range of delivery options.

    If you’re a regular to alesbymail.co.uk you’ll also notice that there’s a fresh new look to the website.

    We hope all the work has paid off -  and makes the site easier to navigate and find your way to the information you want in double quick time - we’re rather pleased with it!

    Our thanks go to the team at Attain Design.

    Do tell us what you think on facebook.com/alesbymail or at twitter.com/alesbymail, as we're not resting on our laurels, and will be continuing to develop and expand the website even further based on your feedback

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